AEW Collision Match Outcome Altered Due to Ricky Starks' Injury

Unexpected twist unfolds during high-stakes AEW tag team clash

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW Collision Match Outcome Altered Due to Ricky Starks' Injury
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In an unexpected turn of events on Saturday night's "AEW Collision," the anticipated victory for Ricky Starks and Big Bill took a dramatic twist, leading to Top Flight's advancement in the AEW World Tag Team Tournament. The match's climax, however, was marred by a controversial finish that has since sparked widespread speculation and concern among fans and commentators alike.

As the battle reached its fever pitch, Ricky Starks found himself unexpectedly pinned after a sequence that seemed to confuse both the competitors and the audience in London, Ontario. The referee's hesitation to count Starks' shoulders to the mat for the three-count, followed by the crowd's audible disapproval, hinted at an unforeseen disruption in the match's narrative flow.

Moments later, Starks absorbed a DDT and was pinned by Darius Martin, a conclusion that diverged sharply from the pre-determined script which had Starks and Bill slated for victory and progression in the tournament.

Injury Shifts Match Outcome

Insider reports from Fightful Select shed light on the chaos, suggesting that an in-match adjustment was necessitated, presumably due to an injury sustained by Starks.

While the report stopped short of confirming the injury, its call for Starks' speedy recovery, coupled with on-the-spot evaluations by medical personnel and visible communication between Martin and the referee, strongly implies that concerns for Starks' wellbeing influenced the match's outcome.

The timing of this potential setback could not be more inopportune for the duo of Starks and Bill. Having been absent from AEW broadcasts since their tag team title loss to Darby Allin and Sting on the February 7 edition of "AEW Dynamite," their return was highly anticipated.

This incident not only halts their momentum but also casts a shadow over their future in the ongoing tournament—especially in light of Sting's recent retirement and the subsequent vacating of the tag team titles, which this tournament seeks to refill.

As the wrestling community holds its breath for updates on Starks' condition, the incident serves as a poignant reminder of the unpredictability and inherent risks of professional wrestling. Fans worldwide are now echoing Fightful's sentiments, hoping for a swift and full recovery for Ricky Starks, whose resilience and determination have never been in question.

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