Kenny Omega Reflects on Match Against Ex-AEW Women's Champ

Breaking Barriers in Wrestling: Omega's Insightful Perspective

by Atia Mukhtar
Kenny Omega Reflects on Match Against Ex-AEW Women's Champ
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In the dynamic arena of professional wrestling, intergender matches have sparked extensive debate among enthusiasts. These confrontations, pitting male wrestlers against their female counterparts, divide opinions—some view them as unnecessary sideshows, while others champion them as a testament to the prowess and equality of female wrestlers.

At the forefront of this conversation is Kenny Omega, a renowned figure in the wrestling world and former AEW World Champion, who recently shared his insights into one of his most memorable intergender matches. During an engaging Twitch stream, Omega revisited a landmark moment in his career—a tag team match that unfolded on the Jericho Cruise.

Partnering with Riho, the former AEW Women's World Champion, Omega faced off against Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford in a match that remains a highlight of his career. "I was extremely proud of the was a lot of fun," Omega remarked.

The match, celebrated for its storytelling and the exhilarating experience it offered the audience, stands out as a prime example of a traditional intergender match executed flawlessly. "No one got hurt, and I think we were able to show what a traditional intergender match can be," Omega added, emphasizing the seamless integration of narratives and physical prowess in the ring.

Omega Challenges Norms

Omega's stance on mixed tag matches breaks from convention. He criticized the normative restrictions that often see men battling men and women facing women exclusively within these matches. "The idea is stupid," Omega stated, highlighting the potential of female wrestlers to "legitimately beat up a lot of male wrestlers." This perspective not only challenges traditional views but also advocates for a broader recognition of skill and capability across genders in wrestling.

Despite the match's success, Omega expressed a single regret: the lack of comprehensive footage. The bout was captured by "only kind of one moving handycam," limiting the visual documentation of this pivotal match. Fortunately, this historic encounter was aired in its entirety on the February 4, 2020, edition of "AEW Dark," allowing fans a glimpse into the action that Omega and Riho brought to the ring.

As intergender matches continue to stir dialogue within the wrestling community, Omega's reflections offer a compelling insight into the evolution of the sport. His experiences and opinions not only enrich the ongoing debate but also underscore the importance of open-mindedness and innovation in professional wrestling.

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