CM Punk Unleashes on AEW and WWE: Locker Room Reactions Revealed

Exploring the latest drama engulfing the wrestling universe.

by Noman Rasool
CM Punk Unleashes on AEW and WWE: Locker Room Reactions Revealed
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During a very deep interview with Ariel Helwjson on the MMA Hour, former WWE and AEW champion CM Punk opened up again to the wrestling community with a lot of thought. From Tony Khan's Ajsonce, exploring his tumultuous reign at AEW; Punk has left no stone unturned and has evoked deep reactions from the wrestling promotions.

A recently reported insight by Fightful Select also illustrates the differing feelings at AEW and WWE's respective locker rooms after Punk's shooting. The report adds that there was a public spat prior to the alleged face-off, which has helped to clear the misunderstanding between Punk and Jack Perry over the use of real glass at the "All In" event.

AEW Shows Unity

As Punk went off and vented his thoughts, several Ajson wrestlers took to Twitter and apparently appeared to be back in a show of solidarity with their company in light of the drama that has been at the forefront for some time.

A source quoted by Fightful says the likes were more of a backing of AEW than directly behind Punk and his stance. Even an AEW proponent of Punk had said that the likelihood of such an interview happening was "probably very little.

In WWE, backstage feeling foresaw an openness of Punk about his AEW stint in violation of the existing nondisclosure agreements. Some were just relieved that the timing would allow the wrestling community to move on, especially in advance of major events at which the company has suggested it will be willing to take part.

Fightful Select reported and added that while Punk was very open about his AEW exit conversation and later a non-disparagement agreement, sources close to Punk did confirm there had been such an agreement. That does add a layer of intrigue on another day of an unfolding narrative.

An AEW talent with experience is of the view that it points more to the missed opportunities for resolution on both their parts. While that may be the case, now that Punk seems to be at peace with everything and the wrestling world has moved on from him, that wouldn't stop discussion and debate as to if he would ever settle things with WWE.

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