Thunder Rosa Triumphs Over Mariah May, Sets Eyes on Toni Storm at AEW Dynasty

AEW's Thunder Rosa sets her sights on championship glory.

by Atia Mukhtar
Thunder Rosa Triumphs Over Mariah May, Sets Eyes on Toni Storm at AEW Dynasty
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In a riveting showdown on "AEW Dynamite," Thunder Rosa solidified her position as the apex contender in the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) women's division by securing a decisive victory over Mariah May, the protégée of AEW Women's Champion "Timeless" Toni Storm.

This triumph not only underscores Rosa's dominance in the ring but also propels her into a much-anticipated championship bout against Storm at the upcoming AEW Dynasty event, scheduled for April 21 in the bustling city of St.

Louis, Missouri. The genesis of this electrifying match was seeded on the previous episode of "AEW Collision," where Mariah May, under the tutelage of Toni Storm, boldly declared her intention to face Thunder Rosa. Despite the high stakes, the contest between Rosa and May was not explicitly framed as a qualifier for a title challenge against Storm.

Nevertheless, the clash between the top-ranked women in AEW unfolded with palpable tension, captivating fans and commentators alike. Throughout the match, both competitors showcased their exceptional skill and determination.

With Toni Storm providing commentary, adding an extra layer of intrigue, the encounter was marked by a series of strategic maneuvers and counterattacks. Rosa, demonstrating her seasoned prowess, managed to thwart May's "May Day" with a precise Backstabber, followed by a devastating Tijuana Bomb, sealing her victory.

Rosa Challenges Storm

In the aftermath of her win, an exultant Rosa wasted no time in confronting Toni Storm, signaling her intention to vie for the championship. The intensity of the moment was heightened as a referee intervened, preventing a direct confrontation between the two titans of the ring.

The anticipation was further amplified when a graphic for the AEW Dynasty event appeared onscreen, officially announcing the match and setting the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable championship battle. Thunder Rosa's journey to this pivotal moment has been marked by a series of impressive victories across AEW's premier shows, "Dynamite" and "Collision." Her relentless pursuit of excellence has seen her overcome formidable opponents like Lady Frost and Red Velvet.

On the other side, Toni Storm, a three-time champion with over 137 days holding the belt, looks to continue her reign following a triumphant victory over Hikaru Shida at Full Gear.

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