Eric Bischoff's Unexpected Take on AEW's Major Cuts

Wrestling industry faces new shifts with AEW's latest moves.

by Noman Rasool
Eric Bischoff's Unexpected Take on AEW's Major Cuts

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff had just reacted to AEW releasing several talents on the 3rd of April that is bound to get fans talking. Among those talents released were Jose The Assistant, Jora Johl, Anthony Henry, The Boys, Gravity, Stu Grayson, and Parker Boudreaux, Dasha, and Slim J.

This has been the most debatable one across the wrestling community. The most part of such guys were featured in the Ring of Honor or had not appeared on AEW's television in a while. Bischoff referred to a quote from AEW President Tony Khan, who had previously made the statement during one of his "83 Weeks" podcasts in which he went off on WWE for how it does releases.

Once the one who detested letting talent go, Khan seems to have turned the page as he is the one who initiated those cuts. Bischoff labeled Khan's call a 'smart move', although fairly surprising at its very least, given some of the comments he had made earlier on.

"The truth is, if those talents are not being actively used, it is ultimately beneficial for them to seek opportunities elsewhere and just remain underutilized," Bischoff said.

Bischoff vs. Khan Clash

The wrestling world also had an angry confrontation on social media between Khan and Bischoff further brought to light by former WWE Head Writer Vince Russo in "Wrestling Outlaws" podcast.

Russo advised Khan not to get into debates with old pros of the industry like Bischoff, because in so doing, he always lost the positioning. In his blunt criticism towards AEW and Khan's leadership, Bischoff once again brought to the fore these simmering tensions in the professional wrestling world.

"With the fallout of AEW's recent talent releases, coupled with high-profile critiques, it signals a seminal moment for the company. Now, the entire wrestling community will have eyes on AEW with a magnifying glass for its next steps in handling these issues.

This strategic maneuvering in AEW doesn't upset the careers of all released talent but also certainly shakes the wider picture of the competition from professional wrestling.

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