Mercedes Mone Highlights Women's Wrestling Evolution in AEW

Mercedes Mone shares her challenging recovery from injury

by Atia Mukhtar
Mercedes Mone Highlights Women's Wrestling Evolution in AEW
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One of the top stars of women's professional wrestling is Mercedes Mone, who has been ranked up there. She talked to CBS Boston about her career and the way that it has changed for women in the sport. An athlete known for the fight against the case of women empowerment in wrestling, Mone, opened up over her transition to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and the role that now awaits her amidst what she termed as a revolution by women in wrestling.

Describing the high-profile debut in AEW as a point of no return, Mone said it is "game-changing" and spoke of her commitment to push forward the boundaries for women in wrestling: "It's everything I've been working for, and I'm not backing down.

"They're headlining major pay-per-views; views becoming the biggest stars in professional wrestling.

Mone's Injury Struggle

Mone's journey was not a bed of roses. It was the narration of how she went through a bad ankle injury ten months ago that almost took away her career.

"I thought the dream had ended when he said it was a possibly career-ending injury, but for me, it's no giving up. Wrestling is my life, and I love it," she said. But despite the downfalls, Mone showed resilience and determination to make a return back into the ring.

Her story speaks not only to one of recovery but also one of the determination to continue breaking barriers and inspiring women to take up the sport. As she prepares for her first match in AEW, the eyes on Mone could be on the winner of the TBS Championship match between Willow Nightingale and Julia Hart or on the winner of that match upon entering AEW Dynasty.

In terms of her history-making in the sport, she is preparing to compete at the highest levels again; it really underlines her having been a pioneer in women's wrestling. Moné's story is a tribute to the way the voice of the woman wrestler has gotten an even more central and louder part of the chorus, which is the AEW today.

Her presence in AEW furthers the league and cements modern gains that the attention and standing of female wrestlers are gaining.

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