AEW and the WWE Interested in Signing Impact Stars

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AEW and the WWE Interested in Signing Impact Stars

For most wrestling promotions, signing the best wrestlers that they can get their hands on is an absolute must. Most indie wrestling promotions do not have the money required to hire famous wrestlers from the WWE. The WWE is known for hiring the best indie wrestlers of the world.

They leave almost nothing behind for the smaller indie promotions. Impact wrestling producer criticized the WWE for this exact reason once. The WWE might see competition for the first time in so many years. All Elite Wrestling might be a force that the WWE has to deal with in the future.

The group is backed by a billionaire, so they can hire almost any wrestler that they wish. They recently hired Jon Moxley, who quit the WWE a while back. Jon Moxley was known as Dean Ambrose in the WWE, and he reportedly turned down an offer from the WWE that would have seen him make close to seven figures an year!

It is now reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE and AEW might be interested in signing, The LAX's Ortiz and Santana. They are currently working to Impact Wrestling but their contracts will expire this summer.

The wrestlers have a high value these days as they are currently Impact Wrestling’s Tag Team Champions. They have raised their stock over a period of a few months. It is reported that the WWE is trying to sign anyone that they can as they simply want to take away everything from All Elite Wrestling.