Kenny Omega Defends Roman Reigns Against Slander, Admits Jealousy

AEW star Kenny Omega defends Roman Reigns against critics.

by Noman Rasool
Kenny Omega Defends Roman Reigns Against Slander, Admits Jealousy
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AEW sensation Kenny Omega recently lit up the professional wrestling world in a Twitch livestream by defending former WWE Champion Roman Reigns, shutting down any naysayers of "The Tribal Chief." Reigns, the dominant babyface of WWE for close to three years, was an Undisputed WWE Champion, which he carried with pride and took to new levels.

His historic reign of 1,316 days came to an end at WrestleMania 40 when he lost to Cody Rhodes in an epic battle. The mention of Reigns came up during the live broadcast, which saw Omega quickly shutting the fan down from preaching anything negative about the wrestling legend.

"I'm not gonna accept any Roman Reigns slander in this chat," Omega said quite vigorously, mentioning how he likes watching Reigns perform in the ring. "I really think he's amazing and I don't think he's boring either. As a matter of fact, I'll go so far as to say I'm super envious because Roman Reigns is presented the exact same way I would love to be presented."

Reigns' Wrestling Legacy

Omega's respect for Reigns expands beyond the Twitch chat room, for he has even taken to commenting on "The Head of the Table" for professional wrestling.

Looking back on Reigns' run as a champion in WWE, Omega praised his work as being able to make people both love him and be eager for his loss - truly one for the ages to watch in the ring. Reigns' current WWE absence and exclusion from the 2024 Draft piqued fans' curiosity about his next move.

Reigns' loyal special counsel, Paul Heyman, informed the world on a recent episode of SmackDown that The Bloodline's head of the table will be taking time away from television, leaving fans only more intrigued for his next appearance.

The fact that Omega would actually even verbalize his opinions in support of Reigns says so much to that respect that is shared by professional wrestling's elite. As these two continue to make their mark on the wrestling world, fans can only wait in great anticipation of the next chapter in their respective careers.

Stay tuned for more updates between Roman Reigns and Kenny Omega as these two megastars cross paths in the dynamic landscape of professional wrestling.

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