Fast Food Chain Shares Jon Moxley's Art

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Fast Food Chain Shares Jon Moxley's Art

A few WWE superstars have become really popular in pop culture. That is because the WWE is a large wrestling promotion and millions of people watch the flagship WWE shows every single week. Some WWE superstars have used their fame and money to get even bigger.

A prime example of this is The Rock. He is now a huge Hollywood superstar! One of the most well-known wrestlers of the world these days is Jon Moxley. He was known as Dean Ambrose in the WWE. He is now even more famous than he ever was before, and that is because he speaks against the WWE these days.

He is featured these days at various outlets. Fast food chain Arby is known for creating works of pop culture, that are directly inspired by their products. Recently, they created art based on Jon Moxley. They created an image of him using Arby’s sauce.

They posted their art on social media and wrote, “This is a guy who doesn't have an off switch." Renee Young, who is Moxley’s wife wrote about this by writing, “He will be pleased. Roast beef sandwich aficionado."

Renee Young is currently working for the WWE as a commentator. Jon Moxley took part in All Elite Wrestling’s brand new PPV event called Fyter Fest. He wrestled Kenny Omega in that event, and the event was very successful. AEW sold the event’s tickets in less than 15 minutes.