Christopher Daniels on AEW Locker Room Morale

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Christopher Daniels on AEW Locker Room Morale

A wrestling promotion cannot do very well unless the morale is good in the locker room. All Elite Wrestling started off as a promotion that promised that they will take care of its employees. A number of notable indie wrestlers have joined the WWE.

Christopher Daniels spoke about AEW’s locker room morale. He spoke about it with CBS Local Sports Miami. "I feel like I've been very fortunate to be in locker rooms where there's been a lot of positive feeling toward the company we're working for," Daniels said.

"When we started with Ring of Honor, when we started with TNA, there was a very similar mindset that we were building something, that we were doing something good. But just the amount of positive, goodwill that there is in this company for this company and from the wrestling fan base, it's just off the charts”.

Many people are looking forward to what All Elite Wrestling can bring to the table. They are a promotion that is backed by a billionaire. They have the money required to buy any wrestler that they wish. Many fans and critics were surprised when they saw just how good the production quality of AEW’s Double or Nothing event was.

Even Fyter Fest PPV event was a massive success and quality was really very good. It has been reported that the WWE is worried about AEW’s arrival and they wish to beat AEW doesn’t matter what.