AEW's Adam Copeland Details First Date, Romance with Ex-WWE Star Beth Phoenix

Wrestling Legends' Love Story Begins in the Ring

by Noman Rasool
AEW's Adam Copeland Details First Date, Romance with Ex-WWE Star Beth Phoenix
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Five months after retiring from the wrestling ring, Adam "Edge" Copeland unexpectedly made his return to the WWE, and this time it was on the "WWE SmackDown" stage, located in his hometown of Toronto. This special broadcast, dedicated to Edge Appreciation Night, acknowledged Copeland's exemplary career with a video tribute and a formal in-ring reunion with his former wrestling cohorts.

In a candid interview on "Insight With Chris Van Vliet," Copeland said that he had hit another personal life milestone on that same red-letter September 2011 evening. He revealed that the same event was also his first official date with Beth Phoenix, born Elizabeth Kocianski, his future wife and fellow wrestling star.

"It was kind of like a 'This is Your Life' moment," Copeland mused. "I was almost embarrassed but, just this morning, Beth and I had our first real, meaningful conversation, right at ringside."

Shared Wrestling Roots

Both of them clicked immediately and deeply because of their past experiences and backgrounds in wrestling.

"Beth also trained in Toronto, learned from Ron Hutchison, and even wrestled in the same local venues in Parkdale where I started," Copeland continued, dramatizing the almost parallel steps of faith they had taken into wrestling.

The age difference of seven years did little to diminish their newly discovered commonalities. Some time later, Copeland asked the help of another wrestler named Natalya for some information about Phoenix and was fascinated by her character and past.

That day, their relationship started out, and things moved very quickly. Two years after the first encounter between them out from the ringside, the couple welcomed their first baby daughter, Lyric. In May 2016, the couple had their second daughter, Ruby.

Family milestones didn't stop there, as Copeland and Phoenix tied the knot just five months later in a small ceremony near the couple's home in Asheville, North Carolina. Their story, from a shared heritage in wrestling to a fully blossomed family, represents an amazing journey of connection and love, framed by the wrestling world.

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