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Copeland vs. Black: TNT Title Barbed Wire Cage Match at AEW

Copeland vs. Black: TNT Title Barbed Wire Cage Match at AEW

Kyle O'Reilly's surprise challenge escalates tensions at AEW Collision.

by Atia Mukhtar
Copeland vs. Black: TNT Title Barbed Wire Cage Match at AEW
© AEW/Youtube

In a riveting announcement for AEW's upcoming pay-per-view Double or Nothing on May 26, Adam Copeland is set to defend his TNT Championship under harrowing conditions: a barbed wire steel cage match. His challenger, Malakai Black, has been a thorn in his side, leading up to this high-stakes encounter where more than just the title is on the line.

Over the past few weeks on "AEW Dynamite," Copeland has found himself at odds with The House of Black. The conflict reached a new peak following a brutal confrontation with Brody King, which left the champion bloodied and battered.

The tensions escalated when Black and his cohorts ambushed Copeland as he was making his way to address his rival in the ring. In a shocking turn of events, they subdued him at the ramp, with King and Buddy Matthews holding him down as Black ominously removed Copeland's wedding ring, symbolizing a personal and psychological attack.

O'Reilly's Brave Intervention

The drama intensified when Kyle O'Reilly emerged to challenge Copeland during an "AEW Collision" event, only to be swiftly dealt with by Black's devastating superkick, followed by further chaos as Black and Matthews brutalized Copeland with chairs, with King adding injury with a vicious cannonball maneuver.

The upcoming match at Double or Nothing was confirmed in a tense backstage segment where Black flaunted possession of Copeland's wedding ring, adding an emotional layer to their feud. The stipulation is as personal as it is punishing: if Copeland fails to retain his title, he will be forced to "bend the knee" to The House of Black, a gesture that would signify his total submission to his adversaries.

This match marks another chapter in their storied rivalry, recalling their last encounter at Dynasty where Black secured a controversial win by using his signature black mist. With the added element of the barbed wire steel cage, the bout promises not only to test the physical limits of both competitors but also to be a definitive battle for supremacy within AEW.

As Double or Nothing approaches, the wrestling community buzzes with anticipation for a match that not only features physical prowess and brutal tactics but also deep-seated personal rivalries. This clash between Adam Copeland and Malakai Black is more than just a battle for the TNT Championship; it's a fight for honor, retribution, and survival in the savage world of professional wrestling.