Bryan Danielson Reflects on Life Beyond Wrestling and Career Pride

Exploring Bryan Danielson's Transition Beyond the Ring.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bryan Danielson Reflects on Life Beyond Wrestling and Career Pride
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As the wrestling world gears up for another electrifying showdown at AEW's Double or Nothing, Bryan Danielson, alongside FTR and Darby Allin (stepping in for Eddie Kingston), prepares to uphold AEW's honor in what is anticipated to be his final Anarchy in the Arena match.

This event marks a pivotal moment in Danielson's illustrious career as he winds down his full-time wrestling commitments. Known for his relentless dedication, Danielson has made it clear that 2024 will be his last year maintaining a full schedule in the wrestling ring.

In a revealing interview with "The Wrestling Classic Show," Danielson opened up about his decision to step back from the strenuous demands of full-time wrestling. He shared his vision for the future, emphasizing a shift in priorities away from the physical aspects of wrestling to potentially contributing behind the scenes.

"To me, it's my last time as a full-time wrestler," Danielson remarked. He expressed a desire to move away from the spotlight, hinting at a role that involves less physical strain and more strategic involvement, perhaps in a backstage capacity at AEW.

Part-Time Challenges

Danielson elaborated on the challenges that come with even a part-time return to the ring, especially given his history of injuries. "The reality is, maintaining readiness for the ring requires constant physical conditioning," he explained.

The idea of transitioning from everyday life to the high expectations of wrestling fans isn't as simple as it may seem. Danielson mused about the possibility of engaging with the wrestling community in a less demanding manner.

"It would be fun to just show up at a DEFY show, unannounced, and just wrestle where people are just happy to see me and I don’t have to do anything that’s going to hurt my body too much," he said, capturing the essence of his new perspective on wrestling—balancing passion with well-being.

Danielson's candid reflections reveal a wrestler at a crossroads, proud of his achievements yet ready to redefine his involvement in the sport he loves. As he contemplates his next moves, his fans and the wrestling community watch with anticipation, eager to support him in whatever role he chooses next. His legacy as a full-time competitor may be drawing to a close, but Danielson's impact on wrestling is far from over.

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