Roman Reigns On Jon Moxley Joining AEW

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Roman Reigns On Jon Moxley Joining AEW

All Elite Wrestling is a brand new wrestling promotion that is backed by billionaire Shahid Khan. Many people believe that AEW will beat the WWE one day as they have a lot of money and can buy the best wrestlers of the world.

AEW still has a seriously long way to go, but they are doing well even though they have just started. Many people that turned away from the WWE are now looking forward to AEW products. They have so far held 2 events and both of them were successful.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose were former The Shield members in the WWE. Dean Ambrose is now known as Jon Moxley and he is now working for All Elite Wrestling. On Sport Illustrated, Roman Reigns commented on Jon joining AEW leaving him behind.

"I don't think our working relationship is going to be what it used to be, but I'll always love that guy, he'll always be my close friend, and I wish the best for him," Reigns said. "We have a brotherhood, so I'm always cheering for him," Reigns said.

"I've shared so many great moments with Ambrose, or Mox. We have love for each other well beyond the wrestling, and it will always be that way." Jon made his in-ring debut at Fyter Fest for AEW. He has spoken a lot against the WWE on several occasions and that has created a lot of controversy.