John Morrison's AEW Contract Status Update by Jim Ross

John Hennigan cements his AEW status, Ross confirms.

by Noman Rasool
John Morrison's AEW Contract Status Update by Jim Ross

John Hennigan, widely recognized in the wrestling community for his array of personas and last names, including his WWE stint as John Morrison, has once again made headlines within All Elite Wrestling (AEW). After an unexplained hiatus, Hennigan’s presence in AEW has sparked discussions about his contractual agreements.

On the recent episode of "Grilling JR," Jim Ross, a veteran announcer and WWE Hall of Famer, shed some light on Hennigan's situation with AEW. During the podcast, Ross confirmed, "I think Morrison just re-upped with AEW." This statement comes amidst rumors of uncertainty surrounding Hennigan's AEW contract, which he originally signed in June of the previous year.

Despite his sporadic appearances on AEW programming, it appears that Hennigan’s ties with the organization remain strong. Hennigan, also known in the AEW circle as Johnny TV, made a memorable AEW debut in 2022 as a surprise challenger to Samoa Joe during the Owen Hart Cup Memorial Tournament.

Although his entry was marked by a defeat, his performance left a lasting impression. Following this, he participated in select matches but soon took time off to engage with other wrestling promotions, such as AAA, MLW, and Ring of Honor, AEW’s affiliated brand.

Ross Praises Veteran Wrestlers

Reflecting on a past WWE match between Hennigan and Shelton Benjamin from Judgment Day 2009, Ross expressed his admiration for both wrestlers on "Grilling JR." He commended their dedication and reliability in the ring, stating, "They work hard, they're athletic.

They don’t take shortcuts... Never a problem. Reliable. Key word again: Reliability. I could watch those two guys wrestle all day." In addition to his wrestling career, Hennigan, alongside his wife and fellow AEW star Taya Valkyrie, hosts a popular show on AEW’s YouTube channel titled "Johnny Loves Taya." Looking ahead, fans can anticipate Hennigan’s return to the ring as he is scheduled to compete against Hook in an upcoming FTW Contender Series match on the May 18th episode of "AEW Collision." Hennigan’s journey in AEW continues to captivate wrestling fans, and with the recent confirmation of his continued collaboration with the company, viewers are eager to see what’s next for this versatile and dynamic performer.

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