Beretta vs. Cassidy Rematch Set for AEW Double Or Nothing

Beretta calls out Cassidy's integrity at AEW Collision.

by Atia Mukhtar
Beretta vs. Cassidy Rematch Set for AEW Double Or Nothing
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The escalating rivalry between Orange Cassidy and Trent Beretta is set to reach its zenith at AEW Double or Nothing 2024. The highly anticipated event will feature a straight-up wrestling rematch between the two, who are no strangers to stirring up the wrestling world with their in-ring prowess and dramatic confrontations.

The roots of this fiery rematch trace back to their encounter on the May 8 episode of "AEW Dynamite," where Cassidy emerged victorious. This result evidently left a bitter taste in Beretta's mouth, leading to a confrontation during the May 13 episode of "AEW Collision." Amidst the chaos of the evening, Beretta laid down the gauntlet, challenging Cassidy to prove his mettle in a no-frills wrestling match, devoid of any special stipulations.

The challenge was made official on "AEW Rampage" later that night, setting the stage for a showdown that promises to captivate fans.

Ringside Confrontation Escalates

The tension between the two was palpable during Cassidy's match against Isiah Kassidy from Private Party on "Collision." Beretta, positioned prominently in the front row, didn't miss the chance to throw verbal jabs at Cassidy post-match.

In an impassioned interview with Lexy Nair, Beretta expressed his disdain openly. "It's plainly obvious to me that I'm a better professional wrestler than Orange Cassidy," he declared, accusing Cassidy of cheating in their previous bout.

"He's a sociopath who thinks the rules don't apply to him! They do! Rules matter!" Beretta's recent actions and words paint a picture of a man deeply scorned, not just by the loss but by Cassidy's perceived disregard for the rules.

His challenge for a rematch at Double or Nothing isn't just about winning; it's about vindication and proving his moral and athletic superiority over Cassidy. Adding to the intrigue is Cassidy's rumored association with controversial manager Don Callis, hinting at a possible heel turn for the usually enigmatic Cassidy.

This adds another layer of complexity to their upcoming match, with Beretta less interested in Cassidy's moral dilemmas and more focused on avenging his loss in what he views as a rightful manner. Before their decisive encounter in Las Vegas on May 26, the tension will further escalate as both wrestlers are slated to participate in a tag team match on the May 22 episode of "Dynamite." Cassidy will team up with Will Ospreay, while Beretta will align with Ospreay's Double or Nothing adversary, Roderick Strong.

This tag team bout is expected to fuel the fire even more, setting the stage for a dramatic and possibly explosive confrontation at Double or Nothing. As the wrestling community buzzes with anticipation, all eyes will be on Las Vegas to see whether Cassidy can maintain his cool or if Beretta will have his revenge, proving once and for all who the superior wrestler is under the bright lights of one of AEW's biggest stages.