Ruby Soho and Angelo Parker Tie the Knot

Angelo Parker's recent AEW journey unfolds alongside Soho.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ruby Soho and Angelo Parker Tie the Knot
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In the whirlwind world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where storylines often mirror real life, two of its stars, Ruby Soho and Angelo Parker, have taken their partnership beyond the squared circle. Recently, the couple celebrated a significant personal milestone by exchanging vows in Ohio, according to sources close to Pro Wrestling Insider.

This joyous occasion comes amidst the couple preparing for another major life event—the arrival of their first child. Ruby Soho, a prominent figure in AEW, made her pregnancy public during a pre-recorded segment for the April 20 edition of "AEW Rampage." Since then, Soho has stepped away from in-ring action, with her last match occurring on February 7 on "Rampage." That night marked a pivotal turn in her career as she embraced a heroic persona by parting ways with her Outcasts faction partner, Saraya, effectively dissolving the group.

Parker's Last Match

Angelo Parker, known for his dynamic presence and tactical acumen in the ring, last competed on April 12 on "Rampage," where he faced a defeat against Saraya's brother, Zak Knight. Parker, previously a key player in the Jericho Appreciation Society alongside his tag team partner, Matt Menard, has since been weaving his narrative through AEW's episodic television with Soho.

The duo's on-screen romance has been a focal point of AEW programming for nearly a year, involving other notable wrestlers like Saraya, Knight, and Harley Cameron, blending their personal and professional lives in a storyline that captivates fans weekly.

The marriage of Soho and Parker not only marks a new chapter in their personal lives but also signifies the deep connections and life-changing events that transcend the scripted drama of professional wrestling. As they step into this new journey together, the wrestling community and fans around the globe look forward to seeing how their off-screen bond will influence their on-screen narratives, bringing a rich layer of authenticity to their performances in AEW.

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