Mercedes Mone Teases Comeback with Workout Video Before AEW Double or Nothing

Mercedes Mone reveals a softer side amid intense training.

by Atia Mukhtar
Mercedes Mone Teases Comeback with Workout Video Before AEW Double or Nothing
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In a thrilling development for wrestling fans, Mercedes Mone is set to make her highly anticipated in-ring return at AEW's Double or Nothing event, facing off against Willow Nightingale for the TBS Championship. This match arrives just weeks after Nightingale captured the title from Julia Hart at the AEW Dynasty event on April 21.

Adding to the excitement, the stakes were set higher when it was declared that the winner at Dynasty would defend their newly won title against Mone. As the countdown to Double or Nothing narrows to just one week, Mone has taken to social media to rev up her followers and share a sneak peek of her rigorous training regimen.

On X (formerly Twitter), Mone excitedly announced her upcoming match, urging fans to secure their tickets while posting a brief video clip. The footage showcases her agility and skill as she executes an up-and-over drill with former TJPW Princess of Princess Champion, Miyu Yamashita.

Mone’s dedication is palpable, demonstrated not only in her physical preparation but also in her active engagement with fans online.

Mercedes Mone's Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch to her posts, Mone recently shared an image of her dog Ryu, watching attentively as she and Yamashita discussed strategies in the ring.

This glimpse into her training highlights both her professional focus and her personal moments outside the ring. Mercedes Mone’s return to the ring is not just a comeback; it’s a narrative of resilience and determination.

Her last match on May 21, 2023, saw an unexpected twist when a sudden ankle injury forced her to alter the match’s outcome, allowing Nightingale to emerge as the inaugural NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion at NJPW Resurgence.

Following this setback, Mone took a step back from the spotlight, making a quiet yet impactful return during the AEW All In pre-show. The official announcement of her participation in Double or Nothing on March 13 during an episode of "AEW Dynamite" was met with a roaring welcome from fans, signaling a promising restart in her wrestling career.

As Double or Nothing approaches, the wrestling community buzzes with anticipation, eager to see Mone step back into the ring. Her journey from recovery back to the spotlight is a testament to her unyielding spirit and commitment to her craft, promising a match that will captivate and entertain fans around the globe.

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