Willow Nightingale Eyes New Ventures Beyond AEW Wrestling

Intense rivalry culminates in awaited showdown this May.

by Atia Mukhtar
Willow Nightingale Eyes New Ventures Beyond AEW Wrestling
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AEW's TBS Champion Willow Nightingale is gearing up for a high-stakes grudge match against Mercedes Mone at the upcoming Double or Nothing event, but her ambitions stretch far beyond the wrestling ring. Nightingale, who has made her mark globally—including becoming the inaugural NJPW STRONG Women's Champion—recently shared insights into her diverse career and future aspirations in an exclusive interview with Bleacher Report.

Before wrestling took center stage in her life, Nightingale honed her skills on the independent circuit for nearly seven years, and even worked as a piercer in a tattoo shop. This experience sparked ideas about possibly returning to that industry.

"I've always thought that I could go back to piercing or even open my own tattoo shop," Nightingale revealed. Her vibrant personality doesn't stop there; she also entertains the idea of branching into television, specifically as a host of a children's program.

"Hosting a show like 'Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood' would be a dream," she said, highlighting her desire to bring joy and education to young audiences. Additionally, Nightingale is contemplating further education to enrich her business acumen, possibly preparing for life after wrestling.

"It's not just about having something to fall back on," she explained. "I'm interested in gaining more knowledge on how to effectively run a business."

Rematch Set for May 26

The rivalry between Nightingale and Mone will reach a climax on May 26, exactly one year after an intense bout that sidelined Mone due to injury.

Their feud was reignited during a dramatic contract signing on "AEW Dynamite," where Nightingale powerfully sent Mone crashing through a table, setting the stage for their much-anticipated rematch. As she continues to dazzle fans in the ring, Nightingale's broader ambitions reflect a commitment to growth and versatility, both within and outside of wrestling.

Her journey illustrates not just a wrestler's resilience, but also a creative entrepreneur poised to make an impact in various fields. Whether it's in the ring, running a business, or potentially on children's TV, Nightingale is poised to bring her unique spark wherever she goes, ensuring her legacy extends far beyond the wrestling world.