Nemeth & Rosa Discuss Mone-Nightingale AEW Feud

Mercedes Mone's championship quest stirs controversy among fans

by Atia Mukhtar
Nemeth & Rosa Discuss Mone-Nightingale AEW Feud

Before her AEW debut Mercedes Mone encountered a significant setback at NJPW STRONG Resurgence 2023 clashing with Willow Nightingale and sustaining an injury This skirmish has sown the seeds of a deep-seated rivalry characterized by a blend of genuine and scripted animosity as they gear up for a high-stakes TBS Championship match at AEW's Double or Nothing The anticipation surrounding this feud was a focal point on Busted Open Radio where Nic Nemeth and Thunder Rosa shared their insights

Nemeth offered a nuanced critique of the recent promotional exchanges between Mone and Nightingale particularly highlighting Mone's performance You start wondering 'Is this an intentional overplay or a gap in her abilities' It's becoming difficult to tell he commented Meanwhile he recognized a notable evolution in Nightingale's character reflecting a newfound complexity that has resonated with the audience

Divided Championship Sentiments

The wrestling community remains divided over Mone's potential victory Some fans argue that her star power justifies a championship win while others fear such a triumph might overshadow the division Thunder Rosa however firmly believes that Mone securing the title is essential for her to establish her credibility within AEW

Rosa also lauded Nightingale stating She's currently the leading babyface in AEW's women's division and it's truly her time to shine Nightingale's ability to connect with the audience on an emotional level has been pivotal drawing comparisons to WWE's Bayley during her Hugger era Her natural charisma and the positivity she radiates have made her incredibly popular with the fans Rosa added

The dynamics between Nightingale and Mone have reached a critical point underscored by their recent Dynamite segment which even critics found flawless Nemeth admired Nightingale's gradual and deliberate character development She's proving herself in the ring which is crucial for her credibility

As the narrative unfolds the upcoming match at Double or Nothing is poised to be a defining moment in Mone's career Rosa emphasized the significance of this encounter It's a pivotal match for Mercedes It's not just another fight it's a milestone that could redefine her wrestling legacy

Conclusively Rosa highlighted the broader impact of Mone's presence in AEW particularly for the women's division Mercedes has catalyzed significant changes here There's more visibility for the women more segments It's a positive shift that we must acknowledge and embrace she remarked

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