Jim Ross's Surprise ER Visit Before AEW Double or Nothing

Jim Ross faces health challenges with courage and determination.

by Noman Rasool
Jim Ross's Surprise ER Visit Before AEW Double or Nothing
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The voice behind AEW's commentating, Jim Ross, recently spent some time in the hospital after he started feeling short of breath, which landed him there in an unplanned emergency room visit. The WWE Hall of Famer, whose name is golden within WWE and pro wrestling, broke the news on Instagram with a poignant photo: his two daughters by his hospital bed, underscoring how personal the health scare really was.

Ross, one of the sit-ins in wrestling commentary, received even much more sympathy from the fans, although they warned him to stop smoking to which he is determined. Saying it frankly, Ross enunciated that he wants to put off cigarettes, mentioning that he would quit during the process of vaping, through which he said he managed to withdraw addiction to pain medications.

Ross's Ongoing Health Battles

Ross has had a tough health journey this far. He declared his fresh free status from the disease last year after finally fighting off skin cancer. Yet the battle was far from over because he had to go through some cancer surgery on his hip early into the year and recovered ever since.

These issues have not caged his love for wrestling; however, Ross remains an active figure but in AEW, at much fewer frequency. His most recent appearance was at the AEW Dynasty pay-per-view in April, where he notably called the commentary for Sting's final match at the Revolution event.

Despite having had surgery less than a fortnight before the event, Ross described the pain he was going through to be in place at the commentary desk that night as driven by a loyalty to his friend that goes back much further than their time together in WCW.

Going forward, Ross remains steadfast to his work with AEW and is loud-championing for a possible nostalgic commentary reunion with his long-time partner, Jerry Lawler. This potential collaboration churns excitement among wrestling fans, holding in store an explosion filled with nostalgia and timeless commentary chemistry.

Jim Ross's resilience in the face of a string of health challenges will further seal his legacy: The wrestling world has its eyes on what this community does next and can hardly wait until he returns to full steam at the announcer's table.

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