Tony Khan Unveils Impact of Double Or Nothing 2024 on AEW

AEW's flagship event marks significant growth and media attention.

by Noman Rasool
Tony Khan Unveils Impact of Double Or Nothing 2024 on AEW

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is gearing up for its sixth annual Double or Nothing pay-per-view, a pivotal event featuring an extensive lineup of 12 matches. This event is particularly significant for AEW as it was the very first pay-per-view broadcast by the company after its establishment in 2019.

During a recent media call for Double or Nothing, Tony Khan, President of AEW, discussed the importance of this year's event in the continued growth of the company. Khan expressed enthusiasm about the positive impact of hosting a major event like Double or Nothing.

"Having a big event like this puts us in a really, really good position," he stated. "It draws a significant number of viewers to our product and garners substantial media attention, all thanks to the excellent coverage provided by journalists and media outlets.

This year is particularly crucial—not only is it our fifth anniversary, but we are also approaching the renewal of most of our media rights." Khan's strategy is clear as he navigates through a pivotal year. With the current television rights agreement with Warner Bros.

Discovery set to conclude in December, there is much anticipation around the negotiation outcomes. Industry insiders predict that the new media rights deal between AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery will likely be announced sometime between the summer and fall of 2024.

Boosting Event Visibility

In terms of sales, expectations for this year's Double or Nothing are high. Khan anticipates a robust performance in ticket sales and purchases across cable, satellite, and streaming services. The event will enjoy broad coverage, being available on platforms such as Bleacher Report and TrillerTV.

Moreover, AEW has recently secured a significant agreement to broadcast Double or Nothing and the upcoming Forbidden Door on the DAZN streaming platform, promising to enhance accessibility and viewership. As AEW continues to build its brand and expand its reach, events like Double or Nothing are critical in attracting new fans and retaining the interest of long-time followers.

This year's event not only celebrates the company's journey over the past five years but also sets the stage for its future, particularly in terms of media partnerships and revenue growth.

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