Backstage Insights: MJF’s Electrifying Comeback at AEW Double Or Nothing 2024

Wrestling star MJF cements his future with AEW.

by Atia Mukhtar
Backstage Insights: MJF’s Electrifying Comeback at AEW Double Or Nothing 2024
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MJF, the charismatic former AEW World Champion, made a dramatic return to the ring during the much-anticipated AEW Double or Nothing event in Las Vegas, reigniting his intense rivalry with Adam Cole. This marked his first confrontation with Cole since a shocking betrayal at Worlds End last December.

According to insider sources from Fightful Select, MJF's comeback was meticulously planned, with the Las Vegas showdown earmarked as the ideal moment for his re-entry into the wrestling spotlight. Despite being sidelined by injuries that stirred much speculation about his future, MJF cleverly used a shoulder brace to mislead fans and insiders alike about his recovery status.

While it remains uncertain if he underwent surgery, this strategic ambiguity played a key role in the surprise element of his return. As for his ongoing feud with Adam Cole, insiders suggest that fans will have to wait a bit longer for a decisive clash between the two stars.

It appears that immediate plans for a Cole vs. MJF showdown were not set as of this spring.

MJF Affirms AEW Loyalty

MJF's return to AEW was a moment charged not only with competition but also with affirmation. His powerful speech, delivered after ejecting Adam Cole from the ring, served as a public declaration of his loyalty to AEW, effectively silencing any speculation about his potential exit from the franchise.

This reaffirmation of allegiance was further solidified by reports from Fightful Select, which highlighted his securement of a substantial multi-million dollar contract per year with AEW, ensuring his presence in the ring for the foreseeable future.

Prior to his hiatus, MJF had etched his name in the annals of AEW history through a remarkable tenure as the AEW World Champion. He held the prestigious title for an impressive 406 days, setting a record in the process. His reign came to an end under challenging circumstances, as he faced Samoa Joe while grappling with a series of debilitating injuries.

This period not only tested his physical limits but also underscored his resilience and dedication to the sport, traits that continue to define his career as he steps back into the spotlight. The speculation surrounding MJF’s career trajectory peaked during the "Bidding War of 2024," with many fans and pundits predicting a possible free agency stint following his championship loss.

However, with significant creative plans laid out for his character, MJF is clearly positioned to be at the forefront of AEW’s top storylines. His return not only shakes up the current landscape but also sets the stage for some of the year’s most compelling wrestling narratives.

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