Mark Henry to Depart AEW, Cites Reasons for Not Renewing Contract

Mark Henry sets new career path outside AEW.

by Noman Rasool
Mark Henry to Depart AEW, Cites Reasons for Not Renewing Contract

Mark Henry, renowned as "The World's Strongest Man" and a celebrated WWE Hall of Famer, has officially declared that he will not be renewing his contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Henry's announcement came during a candid conversation on "Busted Open Radio," where he disclosed the imminent expiration of his contract and his future plans outside of AEW.

"My current contract with AEW concludes tomorrow, May 28th, and I felt it was crucial to clarify my position as today is the 27th," Henry stated. He continued, expressing his gratitude towards AEW's management, "Tony Khan recently mentioned at a press conference how proud he was of our collaboration.

I share his sentiment entirely. I'm truly grateful for the opportunities and experiences provided by Tony and the Khan family during my tenure at AEW." Despite his departure, Henry emphasized that his decision was mutual and comes with no residual tension between the parties involved.

He pointed out the importance of dedication in such roles, noting, "If I can't give my undivided focus to AEW, it's only right to step back. However, this is a positive departure, and I leave with only fond memories and respect for what we've accomplished together."

Henry's Diverse AEW Roles

During his time with AEW, which began with a multi-year contract signed in 2021, Henry undertook various pivotal roles, including announcer, coach, and talent scout.

These roles allowed him to leverage his extensive experience in wrestling to nurture upcoming talent within the organization. As he prepares to exit AEW, Henry revealed plans to devote more time to his personal projects, including managing his website,, and his brand, ReMarkable.

He assured fans and colleagues alike that he remains committed to the wrestling industry. "I'm stepping away from AEW, but not from wrestling. I will always be a phone call away for those who seek guidance or collaboration in the wrestling world," he affirmed.

Henry's departure marks the end of a significant chapter with AEW but also signals the beginning of new ventures where he will continue to influence the wrestling industry through his expertise and passion for the sport.

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