X-Pac on Unprotected Chair Shot Taken by Cody

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X-Pac on Unprotected Chair Shot Taken by Cody

X- Pac is a legendary member of Degeneration X and a WWE Hall of Famer. He was around the time when chair shots to the head were pretty darn common. X-Pac has his fair share of chair shots to the head. At AEW Fyter Fest, we saw Cody Rhodes take a clean unprotected chair shot to the head.

The event took place last weekend. That chair shot left a bad taste in X-Pac’s mouth. I wasn't a fan of [the chair shot to the head]," Waltman stated on his podcast. "We don't need that; that being said, people like to take anything and blow it up and have outrage over it...

Yes, it was not good. Okay, I'm pretty sure getting dropped on your fu--ing head with a super collider, yadda, yadda, brainbuster suplex isn't good on your head either. Yeah, I just think it was a lot, and people made a big deal about it."

X-Pac stated that he thinks that that was one of the only times that company will ever do unprotected chair shots to the head. He still believes that chair shots to the head are simply unnecessary and it shouldn’t be given that much positive attention.

"Okay, so, they won't do [unprotected chair shots to the head] again. What do they want? Everyone to be outraged? I mean, I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen again. Yeah, they shouldn't have done it. Should we be beating a fu--ing dead horse into the ground over it? I don't think so."