AEW's Will Ospreay Reveals WWE Star's Recruitment Effort

Ospreay's Journey from Prospect to AEW Champion Unfolds.

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW's Will Ospreay Reveals WWE Star's Recruitment Effort
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Will Ospreay, the electrifying newcomer to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), is rapidly becoming one of the sport's most talked-about figures. Since joining AEW's roster full-time in March 2024, Ospreay has been on a meteoric rise, captivating audiences with his high-flying manoeuvres and in-ring prowess.

His early tenure has already seen him clash with top-tier talent such as Konosuke Takeshita, Claudio Castagnoli, and Bryan Danielson. These encounters have not only showcased his skill but also led to his capturing the AEW International Championship at Double or Nothing, where he triumphed over Roderick Strong.

Styles' Recruitment Effort

However, AEW's acquisition of Ospreay was not without competition. The wrestling world buzzed when Ospreay revealed that none other than former WWE Champion AJ Styles had personally reached out to him, hoping to persuade the dynamic performer to join WWE instead.

During a revealing interview with Adrian Hernandez, Ospreay expressed his admiration and gratitude towards Styles, who had been a significant influence and hero to him throughout his career. "WWE-wise, AJ was the main guy that came and reached out to me just to fly the flag for them," Ospreay shared.

He reflected on how Styles, renowned for his own illustrious career across various promotions like TNA, New Japan, and Ring of Honor, made a compelling case for WWE. This personal connection made the decision particularly poignant for Ospreay, especially considering his own fandom and past aspirations.

Before his ultimate decision to join AEW, Ospreay was also seriously courted by TNA Wrestling, a company he had long admired and where Styles had made a significant impact. "He's my hero, in every respect—how he carried himself, his performance in the ring, and his leadership outside of it," Ospreay said of Styles.

He emphasized that the respect and effort Styles showed in reaching out were deeply impactful, adding a layer of personal significance to his final decision. Ultimately, Ospreay's choice to sign with AEW marks a significant chapter in his career, one that fans and analysts will watch closely.

His early successes, including his title win and standout matches, suggest that AEW fans have much to look forward to as Ospreay continues to redefine the limits of what is possible in the wrestling ring. His journey is not only a testament to his own talent and ambition but also to the intricate and often personal nature of recruitment in the wrestling world.

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