Vince Russo Demands Royalties from AEW President Tony Khan

Vince Russo expresses strong discontent with AEW's creative direction.

by Noman Rasool
Vince Russo Demands Royalties from AEW President Tony Khan
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In a fiery episode of his podcast "The Brand," Vince Russo, the controversial former writer for WWE, WCW, and TNA, voiced his frustration with AEW President Tony Khan. Russo accused Khan of using ideas he pioneered over 25 years ago without compensating him.

The veteran wrestling personality didn't mince words, demanding royalty fees and criticizing Khan's leadership as AEW reportedly struggles to secure a new television contract with Warner Brothers Discovery. "Tony Khan, I want my royalty fees.

Do you hear me, bro?" Russo said passionately. He expressed disbelief over Khan's focus on the wrestling style praised by critics like Dave Meltzer, questioning its appeal to the broader wrestling audience. "After actually believing that people care about fake wrestling matches and finishes to fake fights and a star system and match quality, bro.

And where has that gotten you? It looks like it may have cost you a renewal with WBD," Russo argued. Russo's rant extended to Khan's handling of television negotiations, linking it to AEW's declining viewership. "That show started, bro, with 1.4 million viewers, bro.

That's where Dynamite started, and you are at half of that after five years and you're disappointed? Disappointed in the negotiations? What do you think, bro, they should be knocking down your door for losing half of the audience?" he added.

Russo Critiques AEW Strategy

The decline in viewership is a critical issue for Russo, who insists that AEW's direction under Khan has not resonated with the majority of wrestling fans. According to Russo, the focus should shift from niche wrestling aficionados to the broader, more diverse audience that major wrestling promotions traditionally target.

As AEW faces these challenging times, the wrestling community is abuzz with debates on the promotion's creative direction and business strategies. Russo's pointed critique highlights the ongoing discussions about what wrestling should look like in the modern era and what fans truly want from their wrestling entertainment.

Whether AEW will heed these criticisms and adapt its approach remains a key storyline in the evolving landscape of professional wrestling.

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