AEW's Adam Copeland Shares Update Post-Surgery

Adam Copeland discusses his recent complex surgical procedure.

by Noman Rasool
AEW's Adam Copeland Shares Update Post-Surgery
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AEW star Adam Copeland, widely known as the "Rated-R-Superstar," recently opened up about his challenging recovery following a severe injury sustained during the TNT Championship at the Double or Nothing event. In a gripping match against Malakai Black within the confines of a Barbed Wire Steel Cage, Copeland fractured his tibia in a moment that shocked fans worldwide.

The incident occurred as Copeland, in a high-stakes move, leapt for an elbow drop from the top of the cage aimed at Black. However, the maneuver didn't go as planned; he landed partially on his feet, leading to the debilitating fracture right above his ankle joint, an injury termed a "pelon fracture" by medical professionals.

This type of fracture involves severe damage to the cartilage between the ankle and the lower leg bones, complicated by shards of bone that had to be meticulously
realigned and secured with a plate and screws during surgery.

Surgery Details Revealed

Speaking candidly on "Busted Open Radio," Copeland described the complexities of his recent surgery, which took place this past Monday. Despite being his seventh surgery, Copeland expressed a seasoned yet cautious approach to his recovery.

"The surgery was more complex due to the location of the break," he shared. "I’ve opted not to look at the x-rays—seeing them doesn’t really help me. What I need to focus on is the recovery process, something I’m all too familiar with." Amidst his recovery, Copeland has found comfort in the company of his three dogs and distraction through video games and reading, although he remains unsure about the timeline for his return to the ring.

His injury has led to him relinquishing the TNT Championship, which will now be up for grabs in a forthcoming ladder match at the Forbidden Door event. The wrestling community has rallied around Copeland, sending well-wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.

As he navigates this challenging time, the resilience and spirit that have defined his career are sure to play a pivotal role in his journey back to the AEW ring.

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