FTR Sidelined Indefinitely After Dax Harwood Injury at Dynasty PPV

Harwood's wrestling future uncertain after severe in-ring injury.

by Atia Mukhtar
FTR Sidelined Indefinitely After Dax Harwood Injury at Dynasty PPV
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In an unforeseen twist that will impact All Elite Wrestling (AEW) for the foreseeable future, Dax Harwood, one half of the acclaimed tag team FTR, announced an indefinite hiatus from wrestling due to a serious injury sustained at the recent Dynasty PPV.

This revelation came through a heartfelt video shared by Harwood on social media platform X, coinciding with WWE Raw's prime time airing. Harwood's candid five-minute message underscored a harsh reality of professional wrestling's physical toll, revealing that he had initially concealed the severity of his injury from both AEW's medical team and its management.

His decision to go public was described as an owed explanation to his fans, colleagues, and AEW President Tony Khan. The veteran wrestler expressed gratitude towards his supporters and hinted at his hopes for a swift return, signing off with FTR's signature tagline, "Top Guys, out."

Injury During Match

The injury occurred during a match where Harwood executed a piledriver on Matt Jackson, resulting in a severe hematoma on his lower back—a critical area for wrestlers given the physical demands of the sport.

Despite the immediate pain and subsequent appearance of the hematoma, Harwood chose to push through, driven by his commitment to his team's momentum in the league. However, the situation deteriorated after a recent bout with the Blackpool Combat Club on AEW's "Collision," where the hematoma swelled alarmingly, forcing Harwood to seek medical intervention.

The subsequent examinations led Dr. Sampson, part of AEW's medical staff, to pull him from all scheduled events to prevent further damage, which could potentially end his career prematurely. In his video, Harwood apologized for not being forthcoming about his condition earlier, acknowledging the potential consequences of his actions on his health and career.

His openness in the video was a clear attempt to set a new precedent for honesty and responsibility within the wrestling community. The absence of Harwood—and by extension, FTR—poses a significant challenge for AEW, particularly in the tag team division where FTR has been a dominant force.

The situation also raises broader questions about the health protocols and the culture of toughness in professional wrestling that often encourages athletes to perform despite injuries. As the wrestling world reacts to this development, the focus is now on Harwood's recovery and the impact of his absence on AEW's programming and FTR's future.

Fans and fellow wrestlers alike have shown an outpouring of support, hoping for Harwood's quick recovery and eventual return to the ring.

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