Cody Rhodes on Wrestling Being Violent

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Cody Rhodes on Wrestling Being Violent

Cody Rhodes is currently one of the Executive Vice Presidents of All Elite Wrestling. He wrote on twitter for the second time ever since taking a brutal unprotected chair shot at AEW Fyter Fest. Shawn Spears was the one that attacked him during the event that took place this past Saturday.

In his previous Tweet, Cody mentioned that he didn’t suffer any concussions and that he required 10 staples to close his open wound. He was bleeding all over the mat after taking that chair shot. He tweeted about his upcoming match, where he will partner with Dustin Rhodes to take on the Young Bucks.

The match will take place at Fight for The Fallen on the 13th of July on Saturday. "Been a quiet week for me since Fyter. Update: wrestling is violent," Cody wrote. "That being said(and staples aside) I wouldn't miss Fight For The Fallen for the world and am thrilled/eager to be part of such a great cause and in this #TagTeamDreamMatch July 13th - Jacksonville" All Elite Wrestling has already signed some of the best indie wrestlers of the world.

They are all set to compete with the WWE and take them head on. They are backed by a billionaire so they have the money required to purchase any wrestler that they wish to purchase. That is the reason why the WWE is locking down its talents and offering them multi-year deals.