Adam Copeland Attributes AEW Injury to Rival at Double Or Nothing

Copeland discusses injury origins, hints at old rivalry.

by Noman Rasool
Adam Copeland Attributes AEW Injury to Rival at Double Or Nothing
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At the highly anticipated fifth annual AEW Double or Nothing event, a breathtaking moment turned unfortunate as Adam Copeland, while defending his TNT Championship against Malakai Black, sustained a serious injury. The drama unfolded when Copeland, in a daring display, leapt from the top of a steel cage, resulting in a broken tibia that immediately halted the match.

This incident drew considerable attention not only for its dramatic nature but also due to Copeland's subsequent remarks attributing some blame to a well-known colleague. In a candid interview with Sports Illustrated, Copeland opened up about the circumstances leading to his injury.

While accepting his own role in the mishap, he couldn't help but suggest that his long-time friend and in-ring rival, Christian Cage—referred to by his real name, Jay—played a part in the events that unfolded.

"Maybe this is somehow Jay's fault," Copeland mused, recalling their storied rivalry. "Always remember I took Jay's championship to new heights." Copeland's victory over Cage for the TNT Championship on an episode of "AEW Dynamite" in March marked a significant point in their ongoing feud that began shortly after Copeland's debut in AEW.

Despite their rivalry, the night Copeland suffered his injury, Cage was engaged in his own battle, unsuccessfully challenging Swerve Strickland for the AEW World Championship.

Decades-Long Wrestling Bond

The relationship between Copeland and Cage stretches back to their childhood, with their friendship beginning at the tender age of ten.

Their journey in wrestling started in WWE, where they were initially part of The Brood, before rising to prominence as a formidable tag team. Although they've both achieved significant solo success, their shared history and on-screen chemistry hint at a possible reunion in the ring.

The presence of Gangrel from The Brood at Double or Nothing, aiding Copeland, added another layer of nostalgia and complexity to the unfolding drama, even as the absence of the third member of their iconic trio was noted.

As both athletes navigate their careers, the wrestling community eagerly anticipates what could be an inevitable reunion, turning their current rivalry into another celebrated chapter of their storied partnership in the ring.

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