Kenny Omega praises WWE management

Kenny Omega praises Triple H's creativity

by Simone Brugnoli
Kenny Omega praises WWE management

The assault suffered on the very day of his return to AEW at the hands of the Elite has once again given Kenny Omega a certain amount of free time, which he uses like many of us by doing live on Twitch. He mainly dedicates himself to gaming, but at the same time he does not shy away from questions and comments from his followers.

On many occasions we had the feeling that in a slightly veiled way he was winking a little at WWE by placing himself as a shield between his followers and some of the company's wrestlers including Roman Reigns, but this time his words of appreciation arrive straight to the top of the federation.

At the moment Paul Levesque, WWE Chief Content Officer, is the most prominent man when it comes to the new blood that has been animating WWE in recent times and he is admired by many insiders...

Kenny Omega is a true legend

It's been almost six months since Kenny Omega, with a selfie in a hospital bed and a tweet, announced serious health problems that forced him to step away from Pro Wrestling indefinitely due to severe diverticulitis, a disease affecting the gastrointestinal tract that led to him being hospitalized.

Even by those who have never had to deal directly with him like “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega who, although he is not clear on which part of WWE's new course is the fruit of Hunter's mind, greatly appreciates his work.

"Even though I'm a wrestler who knows some mechanisms, I don't know what his ideas are," Omega said on Twitch. "I don't know what the result of his ideas and only those is, so I can't comment on that. What I appreciate is that he has an open mind to all styles of wrestling.

I'm pretty sure he prefers some over others, but I like that he's giving everything a chance." In short, one of the EVPs of All Elite Wrestling seems not to lose sight of what is happening in WWE and sings its praises at every possible opportunity.

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