Ethan Page has officially left AEW

Ethan Page had been removed from the All Elite Wrestling roster page

by Simone Brugnoli
Ethan Page has officially left AEW
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A few hours ago, several fans noticed that Ethan Page had been removed from the All Elite Wrestling roster page, arousing some suspicion among those who immediately thought he was leaving quietly, and it seems that this is exactly what happened.

According to what was reported by Fightful Select, with transcription made on Ringside News, the wrestler would have left both AEW and Ring Of Honor after having already asked last February to be released from his contract with Tony Khan's two federations.

Ethan Page says goodbye to AEW

"Following his removal from the AEW roster page, Fightful has just confirmed that Ethan Page is no longer with AEW/ROH. According to sources, Page had expressed his desire to leave AEW back in February," these are the precise words of the journalists of the well-known American site.

"Ethan Page was said to be finishing up with AEW/ROH a few months ago." A few weeks ago, Fightful Select updated us on the Hardy Boys’ contracts in AEW, saying that Matt Hardy’s contract was set to expire at the end of March.

Then, in a new update from Fightful Select, we were told that Matt Hardy has not re-signed with AEW, officially becoming a free agent. Additionally, it was stated that his contract was set to expire at the end of March, but it has apparently been extended for a few weeks ahead of WrestleMania, although the reason for this is unknown.

The report also revealed that people close to Matt Hardy were told that he chose to let his deal expire without re-signing the offer that was put before him. On his podcast “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,” the wrestler said: “I’m incredibly enjoying it.

I’m having fun. I’m in no rush to sign anything to be an official employee. I’m delving into what I’m doing. I’ve signed a couple of things in the last couple of weeks. I’m doing what I’m supposed to do as a free agent, creating hype around myself.

Yeah, I’ve talked to AEW constantly. I’ve talked to WWE. I’ve talked to different people across different platforms”.

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