WWE Star Cheers On Mercedes Mone's AEW Success

Former WWE allies remain connected across wrestling promotions.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Star Cheers On Mercedes Mone's AEW Success
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, friendships forged in the ring often withstand the test of time and company loyalty. Such is the case for WWE’s Bayley and AEW’s newest sensation, Mercedes Mone. The duo, who once dominated the WWE landscape as tag team champions, continue to support each other despite now working for rival companies.

Bayley, in a heartfelt interview with Denise Salcedo, shared her excitement and pride over Mone’s recent transition to AEW. “It feels a bit strange not having her here in WWE, where wrestling still feels weird without her by my side,” Bayley admitted.

However, she is embracing the new dynamic, finding joy in their evolving friendship. “Now, it’s like having her in a different way. We share what's happening in our respective arenas, and it’s great to see us grow and help each other in different environments,” she explained.

The sentiment of mutual support is palpable as Bayley discussed how they continue to influence each other's careers. “Even though I miss being her tag partner, becoming her fan has its own thrill. I’m incredibly proud of her for taking the leap, betting on herself, and showing the world what she’s capable of,” Bayley remarked.

Mone's AEW Impact

Mercedes Mone’s bold move to AEW has already seen her making waves, captivating audiences with her charisma and ring prowess. On a recent episode of Dynamite, Mone faced off against Zeuxis, gearing up for the much-anticipated Forbidden Door event on June 30th.

Despite personal challenges, including her brother Joshua’s hospitalization, Mone remained focused and formidable in the ring. Mone herself has expressed gratitude towards AEW and its president, Tony Khan, for the opportunities to showcase her talents on a new stage.

As she continues to carve out her path in AEW, the support from her long-time friend and now fan, Bayley, underscores the deep connections that transcend brand boundaries in professional wrestling. This ongoing camaraderie between Bayley and Mercedes Mone highlights how wrestling not only fosters fierce competitors but also enduring friendships that flourish beyond the confines of any single wrestling company.

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