Shane McMahon in Talks with AEW Stars for Potential Move

Shane McMahon considers AEW move amid WWE shift

by Noman Rasool
Shane McMahon in Talks with AEW Stars for Potential Move
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Speculations are rife in the wrestling world, for Shane McMahon, the former WWE executive and son to Vince McMahon, is allegedly open to discussing joining AEW. This was amid a ton of internal changes and external challenges hitting WWE.

Shane's dad, Vince McMahon, recently stepped down from his role in WWE amidst allegations of s----l assault that triggered a bombshell lawsuit and an investigation by U.S. authorities. That suit has been stayed throughout that investigation.

Amid all that turmoil, Vince has started selling shares in TKO, WWE's parent company. Meanwhile, Triple H is helming WWE through its creative shift. Stephanie McMahon, Shane's sibling, also made a remarkable return to the wrestling scene.

She was seen at WrestleMania 40 and appeared in the recent WWE Draft, which marked her interest in getting much more involved this time with WWE activities. It was wrestling commentator Jim Ross who first suggested Shane McMahon might be making his way over to AEW on his "Grilling JR" podcast.

Now, given that Ross knows a thing or two about how the wrestling world operates, he recently revisited this topic and gave an update most juicy: from a mutual acquaintance, he confirmed Shane McMahon had called some AEW stars to discuss hypothetically at least what his role in the company could be.

Shane's WrestleMania Injury Drama

Shane McMahon has been a massive draw for WWE, but not all those moments were palatable. Fans will remember that for his final WrestleMania 39 outing, he was left with the sour taste of an injury.

He was supposed to take on The Miz when he tore his quadriceps literally seconds into the about, leaving it on rap icon Snoop Dogg to make a surprise intervention and pick up the win over The Miz. The potential move to AEW raises so many questions regarding what it could mean for Shane McMahon and the wrestling world overall.

If Shane were to change allegiances, it would signal another era of competition to WWE with AEW: picking up where the rivalry phase was initially left off, shifting viewer expectations in a heartbeat.

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