Jim Ross on Chairs Being Outdated

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Jim Ross on Chairs Being Outdated

Steel chairs have been used in the world of professional wrestling for a really long time. They were at one time one of the most used items in hardcore matches. The matches themselves in the past were quite brutal or could get very brutal.

These days, wrestling is not as brutal as it used to be. Jim Ross is probably the most popular wrestling commentator of all time. He worked for the WWE for a very long time and was even handling talent relations for the company for a few years.

He is now part of All Elite Wrestling. He was a guest on the Busted Open Radio recently. He spoke about the Brutal Chair Shot that Cody Rhodes took from Shawn Spears at AEW Fyter Fest. JR stated on the podcast that he was believed that chairs have run their course in the world of professional wrestling.

"I think the chairs have run their course to be honest with you," Ross said. "The chair shot back in the day, the chairs were there as usable objects because we are sitting on them. The ringside fans and the studio audience were sitting on them.

Those steel chairs and folding chairs were everywhere because they were handy, easy to stack, cheap, easy & inexpensive staging”. According to various reports, Jim Ross was offered the best deal of his life by the AEW. That is why, he left the WWE for AEW most likely.