Jim Ross Talks about CTE

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Jim Ross Talks about CTE

CTE is a degenerative brain disease. Many boxers and combat sports veterans suffer from CTE. Even NFL players suffer from CTE. This is because they take multiple shots to the head in their careers. Professional wrestlers in the past suffered from CTE as well, as they used to take chair shots to the head.

Also, some high impact moves rattled the brains of some wrestlers. Cody Rhodes recently took an unprotected chair shot to the head at AEW Fyter Fest. Shawn Spears was the one that delivered it. For a long time, unprotected chair shots didn’t take place at the WWE.

So it surprised a few WWE fans that were present at that time at the event. Jim Ross, the legendary wrestling commentator, spoke about CTE and how the promotions should protect its wrestlers on the Busted Open Radio. "I'm a big person to want to protect the CTE issues and people's brains," JR said.

"Because obviously we know that some of those injuries are irreversible. Guys get their brains rattled so many times over and over again - you're asking for trouble. If you dodge the bullet then God bless you. I just think that we gotta protect the CTE, protect the talents”.

Jim Ross is currently working for All Elite Wrestling. He was a WWE employee for a very long time and called some of the best wrestling matches of all time.