Jericho Cuts Heel Promo for AEW

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Jericho Cuts Heel Promo for AEW

Chris Jericho is one of All Elite Wrestling’s Biggest signings. He was one of the few superstars that was revealed at the official AEW launch ceremony. Nobody knew that he has signed for the company. He was reportedly offered the best deal of his life, and he didn’t go back to the WWE after that.

Jericho just cut a promo for AEW Fight for the Fallen. He will be wrestling Adam Page for the AEW World Title at the event. "Saturday, July 13, Fight for the Fallen, one of the greatest nights in pro wrestling history," Jericho said.

"A great night for the people of Jacksonville, a great night for the wrestling world, not a great night for the AEW roster, not a great night for the AEW heads of state, living in their ivory towers, looking down and saying, 'Look what we've created.'

And all the hopeful dreamers on the roster going, 'We just want to put on a good show for the fans.' f--k the fans”. The video is available right now on the AEW official YouTube channel. AEW has so far been very good at releasing some of their content for free on YouTube.

They are trying their best to get most of the wrestling fans away from the WWE, and the WWE knows it. That is why, the WWE is trying to lock down its talents.