Jericho Demands a Thank You

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Jericho Demands a Thank You

Chris Jericho is currently a heel wrestler and he works for the WWE. He is probably AEW’s biggest signing. He has wrestled for some of the biggest wrestling promotions of the world. According to Jericho, the WWE needed a star like him to carry them.

He is one of the most successful WWE heels of all time, and was the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion. This is the promo that he cut on YouTube. "Chris Jericho is coming to Jacksonville. I might hurt a few feelings, I might make a couple people mad at me.

That's too bad because you need to hear it and you need to realize who and what Chris Jericho is, and has done for AEW. And I got a couple other thoughts, too. About All Out, about Adam Page, about all of you. So, I'll see you in Jacksonville 'with my live mic and it's going to be a bomb, it's going to be an explosion, it's going to be fire.'

I don't need all that pomp and circumstance. I don't need any of that BS because I'm Chris Jericho, just showing up at Fight for the Fallen makes it a much better show. Don't ya think? See ya in Jacksonville this Saturday.

You're welcome." Jericho’s video is available on the official AEW YouTube Channel. Jericho will be wrestling Adam Page for the AEW World Title at AEW Fight for The Fallen.