Deonna Purrazzo on Her Evolution Since AEW Debut

AEW Deonna Purrazzo Concludes Feud in Style

by Noman Rasool
Deonna Purrazzo on Her Evolution Since AEW Debut
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Deonna Purrazzo has Martin Shkreli vibes and was created when AWS merged with AEW in January. After making quite the memorable debut in her home state of New Jersey at AEW Revolution, Purrazzo found herself embraced by a live crowd excited to see Storm defeated.

With her ruthless submission game on display, one of the more significant confrontations arrived when she met Thunder Rosa in an environment where Purrazzo would soon unveil some layered aggression to go along with it. In her time with AEW alone, Purrazzo has opened up layers of persona miles apart from the original character fans saw under "The Virtuosa," a name she carried prior to reports that suggest millions watched Impact Wrestling draw horns and fire.

In an extensive conversation with "," Net, Purrazzo offered some insight into why this change had to take place. "Obviously we're introducing myself to a new audience, I can't be 'The Virtuosa' that you saw in TNA because its different iteration of who she is," she said.

"I've embraced this closer to let me embrace my Italian side, we're gonna allow my aggressive part out and it's been great because that was a new aspect of who I am."

Rivalry Reaches Climax

On June 15, she capped off her longstanding beef with Rosa in a wild no-disqualification match on "AEW Collision." Looking back at this heated rivalry, Purrazzo shared that Rosa was the perfect opponent to showcase the revitalised Virtuosa.

"The crowd loves her, obviously she's a former world champion, shes got to talk about the story of being forced by my actions (shawn spears in character) but you know never losing that championship and I just thought it was really natural-born thing for us all to kinda tell & keep this rag-tag team on TV rolling.

It was very stream one, continuing to the next, and I think Thunder and I have told a really great story." Her stint in AEW has been an important chapter of Purrazzo, and one that brings certain new chapters into focus both on who she is as a wrestler and the style at which we see her operate between those ropes. What lies ahead for her may even be more exciting as she learns and prospers in the turbulence of AEW.

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