Mercedes Mone Reveals Reasons for Choosing AEW

Mercedes Mone reveals why she joined AEW.

by Noman Rasool
Mercedes Mone Reveals Reasons for Choosing AEW
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Mercedes Mone is quickly proving to be one of the top dogs in AEW, defeating Willow Nightingale for the TBS Championship at Double or Nothing and then bested Stephanie Vaquer in a contest that had New Japan Strong Womens title implications at Forbidden Door.

But her run in AEW is not just a matter of championships. The former WWE signed the richest contract by a female performer in industry history, and it is largely because of her worth and ability inside the squared circle. While the financial rewards and top billing within AEW likely factored into her decision to take on a role with the promotion, Mone also had feelings of wanting more out of pro wrestling based purely from personal experience.

The reasons behind Mone's move from WWE to AEW started to come out after she sat down with "H-t 97" in a candid interview. "The women are the draw," explained Mone. I was comparing the female talent on both platforms all time.

He'd fought almost all of the contenders in WWE, and there were fresh challenges on a new roster at AEW. A brief meeting with Willow last year has been so significant. She became a superstar overnight apparently and that instant connection made me realize the types of stories, matches I was looking at doing here.

Mercedes Mone's AEW Inspiration

However, there is a deep-seated respect between Mone and her AEW colleagues. “Watching these women perform reignited my passion and dreams about wrestling dreams about what moves I want to execute or how I want to engage the audience,” she wrote.

I had not felt this motivated in a while. Ultimately, it was the future and dreams inspired by that AEW roster which sealed my decision. That night I learned that was where I had to be, and needed me too. Mone emphasizes both professional development as well as non-monetary career rewards in deciding to move over AEW.

It was the story of a highly accomplished superstar - chasing more gold and an energetic fanbase while also venturing into new territory.

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