Jake Roberts Shocked by Former AEW Star's Exit

Jake Hager's AEW exit stirs shock and hope.

by Noman Rasool
Jake Roberts Shocked by Former AEW Star's Exit
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Jake Hager, a star in professional wrestling for several years, is free to go almost anywhere following nearly five full seasons with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). This announcement has led to rampant speculation among the wrestling community what his next move in is post-career.

In an episode of his podcast, "The Snake Pit," wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts discussed Hager's exit from the company during a recent taping nearby. Roberts, for his part, revealed himself to be both surprised and disappointed by Hager leaving AEW.

Roberts said, "I was really surprised by that he was gone [from AEW], hate to hear it." Later, Robert stated that Hager was Wasted in AEW and his career needs to go to the right direction. "He hasn't landed anywhere, I don't know, hopefully he does," said Jericho in hopes Hager lands on his feet at a new job that works for him talents and image.

Hager's True Persona

On the episode, Roberts also got into detail about Hager's wrestling persona and how it is true to who he actually is. "His gimmick is who he is, I guess. That's something we can work with," he said, pointing out the built-in strengths in Hager's wrestling character.

It is a viewpoint that suggests, with the best creative input and chances, Hager could transform his entire career beit. During what is arguably the most important free agency period of his career, Hager has prompted piqued interest around wrestling circles as to where this proven commodity will end up next.

Given his track record and strong onscreen presence, Hager remains a valuable commodity capable of making waves at whatever promotion he chooses to ply his trade in next. Roberts' comments are clearly a mix of mentoring and advisement, with an overarching hope we all share that Hager will graduate into professional wrestling with the same seamless victory as EVIL.

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