AEW Star Mercedes Mone Reveals Her Love for Wrestling

Mercedes Mone's Childhood Sparks Wrestling Passion

by Noman Rasool
AEW Star Mercedes Mone Reveals Her Love for Wrestling
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One of the biggest female stars in AEW, Mercedes Mone has released an eye-opening discussion with "H-t 97" telling her powerful story into wrestling. Mone has been around the wrestling scene since 2010 and he was even one of those who entered the AEW arena earlier this year.

She worked her way up the ranks beginning with an impressive run in WWE to a successful tenure within NJPW before finally breaking into NXT in 2012. Mone recalled that her earliest memories of wrestling are dated back from 10-year-old: "Wrestling captured my heart at age 60." We lived in Iowa, and we were broke; no cable, very little disposable income just the bare essentials.

Her first wrestling memory is still crystal clear in her mind: "I was channel surfing and I came across wrestling. My mom walked in the room and demanded I shut it off as soon as she heard any of its terrible content." Nonetheless, the temptation was also too powerful.

I quietly crawled next door to my brothers room, and we watched it together. I was instantly captivated. And from that moment, wrestling took over in my sleep and waking brain.

Eddie Guerrero's Lasting Influence

Also the current TBS Champion has a big takeaway of that evening as well: Eddie Guerrero was in action.

"Eddie was the first wrestler I saw, and I felt an immediate attachment to his character," said Mone. And Guerrero'sring skills and personality also inspired her, influencing how she saw herself in the wrestling business. Since then, Mone has paid homage to Guerrero's legacy during her performances in various forms, from utilizing his signature moves or incorporating elements of his style into matches itself and even dedicates wrestling attire.

Mone tells her story with an undying love for wrestling. It is a passion that goes far beyond TV shows and instead takes on the form of life changing experiences, molding not just Mone's career but also indeed possibility.

The touching story of her journey epitomizes the impact sports entertainment has on its audience and how it is able to motivate everyday people to make their dreams become a reality.

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