AEW's Billy Gunn Discusses Reconciliation with Triple H After Rehab

Billy Gunn talks Triple H and recovery.

by Noman Rasool
AEW's Billy Gunn Discusses Reconciliation with Triple H After Rehab
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Former WWE wrestler Billy Gunn recently appeared on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" to discuss his past with addiction as well the moment he reconciled with Triple H. During a long and up-and-down career in wrestling, coming at one of its most tumultuous eras-the Attitude Era-Gunn spoke about how personal struggles bled into professional life.

Speaking in the interview, Gunn revealed regret over missed opportunities and battered relationships owing to his addiction. You know, there was a lot wreckage that I had left in the wake," Gunn said of his win over Bob Holly.

"And I'm not going to sugarcoat it or soften up on you right now, addiction played a big part in why I left raw for so long. This could be particularly about the time that he appeared on RAW's most chaotic appearance in a random Chicago show where WWE was also there.

That is what lead to him putting in a call to Triple H. "Called Hunter, said, 'do you mind if I come down? And he says, 'Of course not, you can come over.' Whatever."

Apology and Reconciliation

Gunn also made it clear that when he met with Triple H, the conversation wasn't to secure a job but rather taking responsibility for what happened.

"I was let go and went on a rampage... It was everyone else's fault but mine," he said. When these two met, Gunn apologized and Triple H responded by saying he was never mad at him. This conversation was the first step on Gunn's journey back to WWE.

After this sincere statement, Gunn was not only forgiven but also got another chance on the company. He initially laid low with the WWE Performance Center in Tampa, Florida. "Next thing you know, I got hired and nobody knew it & they put me & Brian [James] back on the road with coaching," Gunn admitted.

Gunn also addressed the significance of confronting those he had wronged and apologizing. "Nothing is worse than going and talking to people, telling them you're a train wreck inside." "Instead of it being a battle with time, you know I work on your coping and how to deal with things, and now it's good," he shared.

Gunn said that coming back to the WWE provided him with some much-needed focus and steadiness, which he called awesome but tough at times. That was something I had to do because every 3rd year, right? I would only break it sooner or later.

He does, however, have a sunnier disposition now in the belief that good things yield rewards. Gunn's story is inspiring for anyone facing personal demons while simultaneously proof that it is never too late to right the ship and start mending those burnt bridges.

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