Maria Kanellis Reveals Adrenal Gland Mass Discovery

Kanellis faces health challenge with resilience

by Noman Rasool
Maria Kanellis Reveals Adrenal Gland Mass Discovery
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Maria Kanellis took to social media this week to announce that doctors discovered a mass on her adrenal gland. Tests on whether the mass is cancer have returned "inconclusive. Six months ago, Kanellis said she asked to have her adrenal glands checked and blood work done because of issues that had been plaguing her.

But her insurance company refused to cover the tests. Waiting for her medical approval then, is growing harder by the day. FAST FORWARD TO TODAY, I just had a CT with contrast to look at this fancy mass they found accidentally during another scan (could be on my kidney or adrenal gland).

Moral of the story….LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!

Advocacy and Survival

Her experience demonstrates the need for advocacy and a will to survive, even when facing bureaucratic hurdles in order to obtain necessary treatments as evidenced by insurance approvals.

Kanellis also later revealed that the mass on her adrenal gland in another post as well. Initial tests have not been conclusive and she will consult an endocrinologist surgeon to determine if it is cancer. Her story has struck a chord on her fans, who have rallied behind the fighter with continued love and support.

Her vulnerability about battle with health relates to the value of having routine check-ups and listening when your body talk. It is also another instance of the red tape patients have to go through with insurance companies in order for them to get vital tests that should be (but rarely are) routine.

The cautionary tale of Kanellis, however, validates the need to continue seeking medical care. Maria Kanellis, apart from being a top star in the wrestling ring is also one such health-fitness guide of their site. She is sharing her story openly in the hope that others will follow suit and put their health first, asking a doctor for help when it's needed.

Maria Kanellis