Shelton Benjamin Responds to Max Caster's AEW Remarks

Benjamin reacts to Caster's AEW comments.

by Noman Rasool
Shelton Benjamin Responds to Max Caster's AEW Remarks
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Shelton Benjamin has been present in the indie wrestling circuit since his release back on September 7th of 2023. His standout performances are with Prestige Wrestling in the U.S., Progress Wrestling for his work on shows here and APC over in France.

Given his current popularity, rumours about him moving to AEW were rife. But the former Intercontinental Champion was left baffled after a recent drama kicked off when Benjamin shared on Twitter that AEW's Max Caster had publicly expressed he did not want him coming to their company.

Benjamin admitted he was taken back at first by Caster's comment while on Chris Van Vliet's "Insight" podcast. I was like, "Who is this? " Benjamin recounted. I have no idea who this person is; I really do not dislike that guy assuming the worst of him; to my knowledge, we've never met.

I guess I was more taken aback that he would say it.

Caster's AEW Fears

The hesitation from Caster is because he is terrified of additional competition for his AEW spot. Benjamin then reassured where he was at and what his plans were in the wrestling community.

You are free to pick your targets and face them, saying "I am not a part of AEW on paper." Benjamin explained: "He obviously thinks I'm a rival, not an opportunity so he probably needs to change his mindset." Looking back over his career, Benjamin expressed a wish to parent younger talent than steamroll them.

"Now, later in my career I just want to help other talent," he said. "Jesus, if you think I'm stealing your spot first of all, f---ing grow up; second of all, it ain't even your spot. I can not take Roman Reigns spot, I cant to Swerve [Strickland] spot; I cannot for any of these spots.

But you may miss out on the spot. That's how I view it." Widening his lens among and beyond the pro wrestling industry, this episode details how friendly rivalries blur with a fine backline to respect but also be respected in an otherwise dog-eat-dog world.

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