AEW Star's Dream Match with Kazuchika Okada Feels Like Destiny

AEW's Konosuke Takeshita eyes match with Kazuchika Okada

by Noman Rasool
AEW Star's Dream Match with Kazuchika Okada Feels Like Destiny
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One of AEW's fast rising stars Konosuke Takeshita claims it won't be long until he faces the might Kazuchika Okada. Earlier this year, he made an unexpected announcement that he would not be re-signing with NJPW and instead choosing to peruse other options for himself.

Two months later, Kazuchika Okada debuted in his signed jobber role as part of The Young Bucks. Fans long for rematches of some of his best rivalries in NJPW like Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay But Takeshita is looking to step things up a notch with his next challenge, competing against the Continental Champion for the first time.

Destined Showdown

Takeshita, speaking to Tokyo Sports called the dream opportunity "a sense of destiny for a me" and going against the New Japan icon is definitely enough reason now that both have had their AEW debuts. He Said "I think it’s destiny.

Before I came to the U.S.I heard that Takeshita vs. Okada being a dream match, same organization despite taking completely different paths I am sure that a match against Okada will happen at the right time and I want it to be an incredible fight where more people in wrestling fans around the world are watching than they currently do." Fans might be buzzed with possibilities for rematches from Okada's NJPW career, but Takeshita's desire to prove himself raises the stakes on an even grander scale.

The Texanious is determined for the about to be a worldwide event which should ensure it will be an electric showdown when they eventually do take each other on. In other news, a seminar conducted by former Kazuchika Okada opponent Ultimo Guerrero on various elements of their match was recently covered in an episode of Collision.

Although Okada is now justifiably considered one of the greatest wrestlers in history, this was not that match. Guerrero detailed the mishaps, providing a glimpse of some atypical obstacles they were battling that evening. As AEW continues to gain momentum with its exciting roster, the Takeshita vs.

Okada showdown sits as a notable possibility as well. This is a dream match up that now feels like an almost certain reality, and not just for wrestling fans worldwide. Okada has now gone to America with AEW making a cross-promotional match more plausible than ever while Takeshita is in the process of trying to ascend the main event players himself, leading an entering group sized that will be heavily scrutinised by observers.