Killer Kross on the AEW Product

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Killer Kross on the AEW Product

AEW vs. the WWE will be a very interesting war. Some people believe that All Elite Wrestling will be able to compete with the WWE, whereas, others believe that they will not be able to. Many people state that the AEW’s entire philosophy is quite different.

They want to present professional wrestling as a legitimate sport. Killer Kross, is one of the most popular guys in Impact Wrestling at the moment. He was at Double or Nothing with his girlfriend Scarlett Bordeaux, who herself was a top talent in Impact Wrestling.

He was on the WINCLY podcast recently where he stated that the AEW product is quite good in his opinion "I think it's awesome. Scarlett and I were actually at [Double or Nothing] and saw it live. We barely ever watch shows because we're in them and I don't think I've been to a show in a really long time where people have been weeping in the audience.

That's really special when that happens," Kross said before adding that fans come to a show with preconceived notions of what is real and not real, like magic, but Dustin and Cody made them forget. "You can't manufacture that moment; you've got to have something really powerful there. It was really cool to be in the arena around that sort of energy that moved people like that. It was really awesome.