Alicia Atout speaks about working AEW Double or Nothing

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Alicia Atout speaks about working AEW Double or Nothing

Alicia Atout signed with the Impact Wrestling promotion in 2018. In Impact, she served as a backstage interviewer on the promotion's flagship Impact! television series, and co-hosted the weekly Behind The Lights web series on Impact's Twitch channel alongside Anthony Carelli.

In September 2018, Atout participated in the All In pay-per-view event, co-promoted by Cody Rhodes. In 2019, after completing her contractual obligations with Impact Wrestling, she was contacted by Rhodes and offered a position as backstage correspondent for the new All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotion.

Atout debuted for the promotion (using the ring name "Alicia A") at AEW's inaugural event Double or Nothing. During a recent interview with Fightful, Atout spoke about working AEW Double or Nothing: “It was amazing, I was on cloud 9 being a part of AEW’s debut show.

It was pretty big, very exciting, the vibe backstage was incredible. Everyone behind the company knows we’re not getting rid of this ring. We’re going to be using it for months, if not years to come. For All In, the talent didn’t know if there was more coming.

At Double or Nothing, we all knew there was more. I was dealing with Cody. That was my main go-to, my main boss. I reached out and said if you need someone, hi! Luckily it all just worked out. It was definitely different (from Impact) when it came to AEW, it was on such a grand stage."