Blue Meanie on the AEW Alternative

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Blue Meanie on the AEW Alternative

Blue Meanie is a former ECW wrestler. He was a stalwart in ECW’s early days. He was present during the time the ECW wanted to rise up and compete with the WWE and WCW. It has been nearly 25 years since then, and now All Elite Wrestling is the one that will most likely compete with the WWE.

Meanie was on the WINCLY podcast where he spoke about All Elite Wrestling. "I'm very happy there's an alternative with AEW. Technically their first show was All In and then they come around with Double or Nothing in Vegas and I thought it was a good show.

The whole weekend was show with Conrad [Thompson] and Starrcast. It's like a Wrestling Woodstock almost," said Meanie. "The only real test I see them facing is when they go to weekly television. They've had these couple of months where they have 5-6 months in-between to promote.

People from all over the world get a chance to save up and take vacation time to see these two events”. All Elite Wrestling has already signed some of the best indie wrestlers of the world and some former WWE wrestlers.

Even Dean Ambrose is with them and he is now known as Jon Moxley. AEW are TNT are partners and TNT will air AEW’s weekly show. The weekly show will start in October and will take place every Wednesday.